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In this document "we" refers to Suretec Systems Ltd, 24 Cormack Park, Rothienorman, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB51 8GL, UK and "you" refers to the customer. Under our Terms and Conditions, which you signed and accepted when you purchased our services or products, you must follow the guidance set out in this document.

In general, you may not use our services or products in a way that will damage other users of the Internet or that will break the law. The following are examples of rules that you must follow:

  1. You must not use Suretec products or services for any illegal activity
  2. You may not store or transmit illegal content
  3. Personal data may only be collected in accordance with the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998
  4. Unauthorised access to other computer systems is prohibited
  5. You must allow scanning by us to allow us to police this policy
  6. You may not scan other machines without their permission
  7. You must maintain correct contact details with us and must ensure your email is checked regularly
  8. Community standards must be followed, including Internet Engineering Task Force and Request For Comments (RFC).
  9. No sending of unsolicited bulk email or unsolicited commercial email
  10. No excessive posting or "spamming" of usenet
  11. Denial of service attacks (including mail bombing) are not allowed.
  12. You must keep any security details (including usernames and passwords) secret. Ideally, they should not be written down or stored in a computer system.
  13. You may not store or publish material that the directors of Suretec Systems Ltd believe may bring the company into disrepute.

Remedies can include:

  1. Formal warning
  2. Suspension or termination of your Support account
  3. Written undertaking from you not to break this policy in the future
  4. Charging of a reasonable administration fee or expenses

If you have any questions please e-mail This is also the address to use to report any breaches of this policy.

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