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Suretec Group is a UK-based organisation supplying consultancy and support services to enterprises using Open Source Software.

It comprises:

Established in Scotland in 2003, it specialises in open source IT support and consultancy, open source telecoms and training in open source software.

Its client base includes organisations from small companies of less than 10 employees to blue-chip multi-nationals with hundreds of employees, from travel agents to local authorities, from legal firms to voluntary organisations and financial sector businesses. Suretec's clients are located around the world.

Suretec Systems

Suretec Systems was established in 2003 to allow businesses to enjoy enhanced operating efficiency and reduced risks using Open Source software.

Its clients benefit from easily-accessible and organised directory services, shared information infrastructures and various other services. These services are widely used across business sectors as varied as travel agencies, voluntary organisations, oil companies and public sector organisations.

Suretec Telecom

Suretec Telecom was created in 2008 to give organisations control over their telecoms infrastructure using Asterisk and other open source telecom software.

Asterisk and related open source telecom technologies have revolutionised the telecoms industry in recent years and provide highly cost-effective telephone systems around the world. Many include providing free calls through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


SureVoIP is an Ofcom registered Internet Telephony Service Provider supplying Business hosted VoIP solutions, Business SIP trunks, Business VoIP Inbound numbers and other related Business VoIP products and services in the UK.


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