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Symas OpenLDAP

LDAP is an abbreviation for 'Lightweight Directory Access Protocol’. It is a standards-based protocol that is available to all companies and organisations via the Open Source project called OpenLDAP.

Symas™ OpenLDAP™ Directory Services is a binary tested convenience distribution of OpenLDAP.

What is it for?

Directory services are software programs that link directly into core databases to manage the identities and security of users, resources or arbitary data on a network. They are crucial to many medium and large sized organisations and organisations across all sectors.

Directories can be used to manage user log-ins, passwords and other authentications, authorisations, e-mail addresses, user profiles, and device locations and configurations – so they are critical for most businesses.

Suretec develops directories and related systems for businesses like travel agents, financial organisations, local authorities and many more.

Please see our Symas™ OpenLDAP™ vs OpenLDAP™ Source PDF — Image

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