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Innovative MPLS Network Opens New Markets & Opportunities For Suretec Systems (SureVoIP)

“Due to the new VoIP optimised Internet connectivity, SureVoIP’s customers’ telephone calls and broadband traffic goes straight into the heart of the network without having to go over public Internet.

Suretec is now an independent Internet provider, ready for 2014

As of now we are an independent ISP, but more specifically an Internet Telephony Service Provider in our own right. We made our first test VoIP call the other week across are new network.

2012 Year End Accounts – We Grew By 56% !

Hi all!

Just a quick one to say we got our 2012 accounts back. We grew by 56% from 2011. Wow!

Next month we will have surpassed 2012′s turnover (with 5 months left of the year) thanks to all Suretec customers, Partners and the Suretec team!


Technology companies leading the way at Aberdeen Energy & Innovation Parks

Independent Internet Service Provider Converged Communication Solutions, along with SureVoIP

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