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The client

Dreamticket luxury holidays is a niche holiday provider to the UK travel market. Established in 1994 it prides itself on operating cost-effectively without 'middle-men' and can keep its prices keen. Dreamticket’s own employees have personally sampled the holidays they sell, and can give first-hand accounts of what the holiday maker will enjoy — Image

The issue

Dreamticket grew considerably from its early beginnings to a size of around 11 employees in 2004. At this point management decided that its POP-based email system needed to be upgraded to an in-house server-based system.

The solution

Dreamticket contacted Suretec following a painstaking Google search for a professional open-source specialist company. Suretec developed and installed an LDAP-based corporate directory and email system for Dreamticket, using two servers. A centralised fax system was also set up for the accounts department and order processing. This industry best-practice solution provided an internal directory, email and instant messaging, nightly backups, and is managed centrally at Dreamticket.

Supported by a ‘bank of hours’ contract with Suretec, Dreamticket can rely on Suretec’s technical support for its IT department.

Dreamticket keeps its costs low and operates on tight budgets, whilst taking advantage of highly performing systems. This is one of the reasons open source software was selected as the solution. Since the initial project worked so well, Dreamticket has continued to apply open source solutions, which are generating huge annual savings for the business when compared with proprietary licensed software options.

Client testimonial

Habib Datoo, director of e-commerce at Dreamticket:

"Suretec is very flexible and sensitive to our needs, and it is extremely capable – Suretec is undaunted by new solutions and relishes a challenge. The LDAP directory solution we have in place is very scaleable, with a long lifespan as the company grows, more than long enough for our needs. We are very pleased with the service we have received from Suretec."

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